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I would like more of life, please!

I like my career and want to unleash my potential to do more and have more.
I love my life and want more true experiences and deep feelings.
I want to dial everything all the way up to eleven in a month.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is about performing at your best through the individual and private assistance of someone who will challenge,
stimulate and guide you to keep growing.
— Gerard O'Donovan

How does Coaching Work?

Coaching is a creative process, driven together by a client and a coach. It consists of a series of structured conversations. In these conversations the client sorts out their values ​​and motivation. Coaching helps you identify things you can improve in your personal or professional life.

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The main objective of coaching is to find your own answers to the questions or the challenges that you are facing. And above all, to learn how to make choices that make your life more complete and better.

Coach-client relationship is confidential and objective-driven. The relationship is focused on the client's problems and his definition of success. It is a relatively one - about three months and is focused on achieving results.

Steps in Coaching

  1. Self-discovery and value-model – discovering of your own values
  2. Defining goals - if you current goals do not meet your values ​​- you need new goals
  3. Action plan
  4. Results

How are the Sessions Structured?

1. Free Initial Consultation

It happens before the official coaching sessions begin, and before any commitments have are made between the coach and client. The ground rules are defined here, how often the sessions will take place and how long they will continue. This session is commitment-free and free of charge to the customer.


2. Discovery Session

Here we discuss your definition of success, clarify your values ​​and beliefs, your goals, preferred style of communication and other points you may want to include in our joint work.

Together we evaluate where you are today and where you want to be in the future. Your personal and professional needs play a role in the creation of the action plan that will follow.

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3. Core Sessions

Once we have a framework to work from, we work with you to co-create the action steps that will lead you to your goals.

Throughout the sessions we will encourage you to see the challenges and opportunities that lie before you with new eyes and a new way. Once you see the world in a new way - you can make a quantum leap in the way you feel, think and act.

As we go we will set bigger and smaller goals. We will use the achievement of these goals to measure your progress. On the way we will find your strengths and weaknesses, values ​​and your vision for yourself.

Skype Coaching

As all of us you may have a busy life and you are wondering where to find the time for coaching. The good news is that we can do over Skype (in video and voice). In the comfort of your own living room, you will even avoid the time for time travel and it is face to face. It doesn't get any better than that!

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Send me email to arrange a meeting in a convenient time for both of us.

For Skype coaching you will need a laptop and Skype. In addition - get a pen and some sheets of paper to take notes. A session is approximately one hour long.

Coaching sessions are confidential, whether on Skype or face-to-face.

Types of Coaching

You may think about which of these types of coaching would be interesting for you:

  • Personal development – fulfilling relationship with the opposite sex, relationships with children, parents, colleagues, mental and physical transition - smoking, obesity ...
  • Business coaching – team-management and motivation; crisis management; stress managemen; making difficult management decisions
  • Career coaching – finding an inspiring job, increasing your income
  • Purpose-driven coaching

What is a Coach?

The real coach respects instead of imposing opinion. He is an excellent listener - compassionate and curious. The Certified Coach doesn't grossly interfere in your life.

He works with you to build a plan that you like and keeps track of your progress. Motivates you with his personality, has a positive attitude and productive approach to life.

The Client in Coaching

Coaching is a voluntary act.

To get the best results in the least amount of time you should want (really want), to work together.

Throughout the sessions you will need to show: self-control, self-discipline, dedication and commitment - otherwise everything will stay only as good wishes. Sense of humor and positive attitude to the events of your life will give you the patience and grace that will keep you going.

Coaching is Not ...

It is neither psychotherapy, training, mentoring or counseling.

Coaching is a creative process for people who function well but are looking for a better version of themselves.


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