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I would like more of life, please!

I like my career and want to unleash my potential to do more and have more.
I love my life and want more true experiences and deep feelings.
I want to dial everything all the way up to eleven in a month.

Corporate Training

Our Approach

We plan programs and develop specialized content to meet the specific needs of the company and its employees.

The goal is to deliver an effective educational experience to achieve good results in the pursuit of company goals within the organization.

We plan and monitor the entire learning process and provide regular progress reports.

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Learning Programs

  • Leadership and Management
  • Motivation and Feedback
  • Team Management and Conflict Management
  • Tailored Programs - specifically designed for your goals



"...One month after the training, colleagues are still commenting on the impressions gained during the training and are trying to apply the learned practices in their daily work.."

Preschool Margaritka, Varna

"...I am impressed by the diligence and enthusiasm of the training, the professionalism and the positive attitude.."

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skype: gergana.cappio
mail: gergana@gerganacappio.com