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I would like more of life, please!

I like my career and want to unleash my potential to do more and have more.
I love my life and want more true experiences and deep feelings.
I want to dial everything all the way up to eleven in a month.

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I have always felt shy and this has been a real problem for me since I work with many people and I need to be self-assured. I am very happy now because Coaching helped me improve my self-esteem. I find coaching sessions truly inspiring, motivating and challenging...

M.G. 39 years

It was quite difficult for me to set real goals (both personal and professional) and accomplish them. Coaching helped me organize my targets according to my personality, time and pace in order to achieve them...

E.K. 42 years

Thanks to coaching sessions I found my soul mate. It seems that all my life I have searched for love but I did not know what I really wanted. It was after clarifying my priorities and values that I could see my mistakes and now I am happy married to the man of my life...

N.S. 31 years

Coaching is the answer to everyone who does not have the courage to change things. My coach taught me that I can reach any goal I set as long as I believe in myself and know my potential. And that is so true! Now I feel confident, successful and make things work for me...

D.K. 28 years

I don't hear my doubts anymore. That little thing I was always missing, which let me down and underrated, is not part of my life anymore. Now I am brave enough to achieve my goals and chalange myself with bigger ones...

D.P. 41 years

Learn yourself how to make the wonders you want. You have to be ready and know for what you want for yourself. Because it is certain that with your personal coach - you will have it...

V.B. 33 years

Gergana made me see my inner values with new eyes and I ditched targets that were nor productive nor they brought me happiness. I replaced them with new ones, that were more mine. Everything clicked right into place.

B.K. 32 years

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skype: gergana.cappio
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